After having more than 40 years experience in turmeric business and 20 years experience in rice business, we have stepped into manufacturing Ginger Garlic Paste, Tamarind Paste, Chicken Masala Paste, Mutton Masala Paste, Fish Masala Paste, Easy Rasam Paste, Biriyani Masala Paste.


Ginger garlic paste being our primary product, we use high quality ginger and garlic and use sophisticated technology to clean them, peel them and pulverise them to make a smooth blend that has the rich aroma and freshness of pure ginger garlic.

  • To continue to give an excellent product that will excel all its peers.
  • To increase the range of our products by continuous research and development.
  • To offer employment to the rural people and provide them healthy working condition.
  • To maintain the level of one of the leader manufacturers of ginger garlic paste and tamarind paste
  • Our mission is to provide quality product at affordable prices without compromising the packaging.
  • We strive with unrelenting commitment towards product excellence and market the product all over the world.
Our Values
To demonstrate our commitment to our mission we integrate certain fundamental values into our care and duties on a daily basis.
Service : Meet and exceed the expectations of our customers whose care is our primary purpose and mission.
Quality : We consistently strive to provide the highest quality, with good shelf life.
Integrity : Honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do.
Cooperation : Between workers and company is the backbone of our success.
Innovation : We promote a supportive environment that encourages innovation and creativity to identify the needs of our consumers.
Teamwork : The commitment of our workers to our mission permits us to maintain best possible quality with the tradition of taste, which are the hallmarks of Taj Mahal Masala.